Zhongrong Electric gathers resources and attracts talents while building the manufacturing site and test site of vehicle gauge devices that meet the requirements of international auto enterprises.

To jue reward, to job can; Gather global talents and pursue the global market.

At present, the company has established a complete talent echelon training system, including 2 channels, 5 sequences and 22 categories.

To provide opportunities for the growth of internal excellent talents to the direction of management, but also for the company's business development to continue to provide the original backup talents support

Pay attention to the growth and development of employees, let employees personally integrate into the company, make employees firmly believe that to do a lifetime feel valuable and meaningful career, help the next generation of reliable platform struggle.

Mentoring system, dedicated to your career "guide"

An experienced mentor can help you transition into a new role, adapt to a new environment, and chart a personalized growth path

Online school, your growth gas station

The company's internal online learning platform, which has a wealth of external course resources, internal senior lecturer experience accumulation, mobile phone terminal, computer terminal can open the excellent student mode anytime and anywhere.

Industry foreword, professional technology sharing

The company regularly shares high-quality content, which is open to all employees, promotes internal communication and innovation among employees, and promotes the extraction and precipitation of knowledge products within the company.

Join us and you'll get...


High-quality industry track, global career development opportunities, diversity, inclusiveness, openness and sharing


Salary development plan, flexible welfare mechanism, 10+ employee care and protection

Grow up

Dual channel training program, talent development project, digital growth platform, internal competition mechanism


Compensation performance incentive system, virtual equity incentive system, innovation incentive system, project bonus