2019 "Fuse Technology and Application" Forum was successfully held


On April 18,the first"Fuse Technology and Application"Forum was successfully held in Xi'an,initiated by Xi'an Jiaotong University,sponsored by the Secretariat of the National Fuse Standardization Technical Committee and undertaken by Xi'an Zhongrong Electric.

As a professional forum in the field of fuse in China,this forum specially invited 12 industry experts and 100 domestic and foreign enterprise representatives,application customers,universities and research institutes to gather together and made a keynote report on the development,application and standardization of fuse product technology.

First of all,Ji Huiyu,the chairman of the National Technical Committee for Fuse Standardization,who attended the forum,delivered an opening speech,and made a theme report on"Current Status and Future Development of Fuses".Based on years of experience in the preparation and revision of the standards of the Fuse Standardization Committee,he analyzed the current national standards and industry standards in the field of fuses and the standardization development plan for future fuses from the perspective of domestic fuse standards.

Shi Xiaoguang,the deputy general manager of Xi'an Zhongrong Electric Co.,Ltd.,as the representative of the organizer,delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the forum and made a theme report on"Some changes in the application requirements of fuses in the new energy industry".Through the introduction of the development of the new energy industry,he proposed the application requirements of fuses for new energy vehicles.

Bian Jiansheng,the chief electrical engineer of China Aerospace Architecture Design and Research Institute,made a theme report on"Application of low-voltage fuses in motor circuits",and summarized the advantages of fuses in motor circuits by describing the general situation of motor main circuits and the key points of coordination between fuses and starters.

Wang Biyun,the deputy general manager of Shanghai Electric Ceramics Factory,made a report on the theme of"Prospects for the Application of Fuses in New Fields".Through the analysis of the market demand for fuses,he put forward the requirements of new energy technology for products and prospects for future fuse technology.

Li Yingzi,a professor of electrical engineering and automation at Beijing University of Building Science and Technology,introduced the standard and application of PV fuses,and summarized and analyzed the common problems in application,with the report theme of"easy to ignore problems in the application of PV low-voltage fuses".

Sun Wenhua,Vice Minister of China Automotive Engineering Design and Research Institute,delivered a report themed"Application of Fuse in Low Voltage Distribution System of Automobile Factory".This paper points out the requirements of automobile manufacturers for power supply systems,introduces the application of fuses in the main and distribution cabinets of low-voltage power distribution systems,and puts forward some problems needing attention in the application of fuses.

Liu Zhiyuan,a professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University,shared the technical research achievements of"Research on Fuse Modeling and Simulation Technology",introduced the method of combining mathematical models with computer software to avoid the long design cycle of traditional fuses,shorten the design cycle,and add new ideas and concepts to the design and development of fuses.

The successful holding of this forum has played a positive role in promoting the development of the industry.Through the leaders,experts and industry representatives who are committed to the development of China's fuse industry at the conference on product technology,application solutions,and the sharing of development prospects and multi-directional exchanges,the fuse development manufacturers,application customers,research institutes,etc.have a deep understanding of some new product technologies and application knowledge of fuses,and pointed out the direction for the development of our fuse industry.

As the sponsor,Zhongrong Electric has been committed to manufacturing fuses in China for 12 years,contributing its own strength to the development of the national strategic industry.Zhongrong people hope to use this forum to sow the seeds of hope for China's fuse industry,build a communication and exchange platform for fuse technology development and application solutions,shoulder the mission and responsibility entrusted to Zhongrong by the opportunities of the times,practice being a professional and reliable fuse,and work with domestic counterparts to build their own national brand!